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Want to check it out? Music ideas for you!

Are you excited about music education for your child?

I am too! In fact, I believe that some form of music education is the right of every human being. I am so passionate about music education for the young child, that I want to make sure all parents get research-based tools, activities, and success stories into their hands. When you instruct a child in their early years, when their minds and ears are primed to learn music, they will "develop" musical talent. So, I hope you'll use these newsletters as a resource to begin a musical journey with your own child... let's begin!

Keep a steady beat & hear sounds!

Children must learn how to keep a steady beat before they can read musical rhythms. So, let's make some fun homemade musical instruments and teach them to keep a steady beat. You can also teach them to hear low and high sounds by playing instruments that make noise. These 20 DIY music instrument crafts will be fun to make together, and they will develop musical talent. It's a win-win.

How playing music benefits the brain Ted Ed shares this fun and informative video sharing the recent research explaining what goes on in your brain when you play music. "Playing music is the brain's equivalent of a full-body workout." Whether you are a musician or parent, you won't want to miss it.

Have you heard about this? There's a new way of teaching music that looks different from the mainstream music lessons you, your parents, or your grandparents took. Instead of traditional piano lesson, your child can get complete musicianship classes. They do piano lessons, voice lessons, and theory lessons all in one! The results are these students become well-rounded complete musicians. A complete musician has a surprising array of powers. Read and learn what musical powers are being mastered and how they are taught.

Sharing student success! It's SO exciting to watch children develop their musical talent that I want to share some of the magic they are learning in my music classes this month. 4-6 year olds I'm teaching voice lessons to my 1st year Red Balloons. I'm excited to see my students making progress with hearing and matching pitches. A few more years of this ear-training and they may all achieve perfect pitch. 5-7 year olds My 2nd Year Green Turtles are loving to play the piano and are learning to play a spooky Halloween song in the key of C minor. 6-8 year olds My 3rd Year Purple Magic students are starting to transpose between the key of C and F this week.

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