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School's out... now what?

Are you ready for summertime?

It's that time of year again and summer time has parents asking the question, “How can we keep our children engaged and learning during the summer?” As parents we understand how challenging it is to balance the gift of “family down time” while keeping young minds fresh and supported during extended breaks. We have a few fun ideas for you!

Nursery Rhyme Singing Basket

Help your baby, toddler, or preschooler enjoy his favorite rhymes and songs. Find small toys or objects to represent the rhymes, place them in a basket, and let him find the match when you sing the rhyme! If you have older children, teach them the songs and let them play with their younger siblings. CLICK HERE for song ideas.

Summer Bedtime Routines

Getting kids to bed during the summer can be a bit tricky. How about a few ideas for bedtime routines using music?

1. Picture books - Why not use picture books and have a musical bedtime? Here are TWO collections of picture books you won’t want to pass up; some are sing-a-longs and others tell stories about making music. Check them out today:

2. Count-down Timers - These are fun! Give your children their nighttime tasks and start the timer. Watch your kiddos hurry as they put on their pj's, brush their teeth and clean up their room. If they beat the timer, they get to read a musical book with you! It's a great way to keep it fun, and get to bed with a smile.

Homemade Drums and Drum Circles

Drum circles are a fun, experiential activity that promotes learning. It builds self confidence, and social abilities. It helps with motor skills, (processing information) boosts creativity; It even helps to teach them some basic mathematics. The drum rhythms are in time signatures, so math is taught without actually teaching it. Drumming teaches them more focused listening, concentration, and about reaching goals. Plus, it’s an activity parents can enjoy with their children. So a drum circle makes good sense. Kids like to write songs, and make up rhythms... so let's get started! Make a drum instructions

Sharing musical success!

Check out our 2017 Let's Play Music National Compositions Winners! It's amazing what children can internalize and create when taught music at the right time and the right way!

Want to have some fun?

I have a few spots left in my studio for this fall, so if you're interested at all, please click below to fill out the contact form and I will notify you of upcoming sample classes.

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