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Are you surviving the summertime?

"Mom... we're bored!" Sound familiar?

We're smack in the middle of summer and you may want some cool, fun additions to your free playtime! Why not add musical experiences to the mix? Turn up the music for a little afternoon dance party. Take your child's favorite music to the pool and listen while you're swimming in the water. Pull out your homemade instruments or dishes from the kitchen and play with them in the water. This month let us share ideas to keep you cool!

Turn Swimming Time into Music Time

Water play – it conjures up visions of children scooping and pouring, floating things, and sinking them, measuring, washing, splashing, and laughing. Huge fun, and there are a thousand things to be learned at the water trough. But water play ... and music? It doesn't seem like a natural combination but it's amazing what you can do with a few household items, some stuff from your garden shed and a water play trough! Play is serious learning for children and what child doesn't love playing games? You can spend some quality time playing this simple game anywhere or anytime

Create an Outdoor Music Station Kids playing and experimenting, without parents giving them any instruction, is one of the best ways children can extract patterns from their world. This type of play based learning promotes growth and confidence. Check out this fast idea...

Singing While You Swim

If you have older kids play, "Name That Tune" under water. A child thinks of their song, goes underwater, and sings it to you or another child. When they come up for air you name the song they were singing. Additionally, singing nursery rhymes while your baby or toddler learns to swim has amazing benefits. Check out these Sing while you swim ideas.


Let's Play Music classes start the week of September 13th

I have a few open spots left if you're interested in starting your child this fall!

Did you know this?

Infants recognize the melody of a song long before they understand the words. They often try to mimic sounds and start moving to the music as soon as they are physically able. Source: © 2015 Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization

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