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Are your ready for a schedule again?

Gone are the days of summer... are you ready for back to school?

The lazy days of summer are coming to a close and starting school is on the horizon for most children. So, this is a great time to slowly start adjusting back to more structured routines. Adding musical activities to your morning and nighttime rituals are a great way to add playful fun and bonding time as well as cheerful compliance.

Transitioning between activities Using a song to help children transition will create interest and place focus on having fun while they are doing something they don't necessarily want to do. Here's how it works:

3-5 minute song warning: Turn on a song and tell them that when the song finishes it's time to transition to your next activity. If one song isn't long enough, let them do two, but set the expectation and hold to it.

Singing the story: If you meet resistance, sing the story of how to get from Point A to Point B. Pick a familiar song and change the lyrics a bit. Have fun and be silly. For instance sing, "The Itsy Bitsy Tommy climbed into the car seat. Down came the seat and covered Tommy's feet. Out came the buckle and clicked around his tummy and Itsy Bitsy Tommy was ready to go again." Not perfect, but I hope you get the idea. (Schmidt, Maren. "Seven Parenting Problems You Can Avoid.", Kids Talk Newsletter)

Bedtime routines In the digital age, kids need classical music more than ever. So why not play the classics with a get up and move beat? Click here to check out these really fun, fast paced classical songs. Use them in the activity below. Music routine bedtime: Give your child a checklist of bedtime steps. For example: 1. Pick up room 2. Put pajamas on 3. Brush your teeth 4. Get in bed Then turn the music on and tell them they have 2 songs to complete all the bedtime jobs. If they beat the songs you read them a special book before they go to bed.

Happy Working Songs It's important for children to learn how to clean up after themselves, but sometimes it's so much easier to just do it ourselves to avoid the fight. However, if you add music to your cleanup time, it's fun and the everyone wins! This blog post shares 10 happy working songs to enjoy with your family as you clean up. Click the picture to read more and hear the songs.

Music classes for young children... only a few spots left! My Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings music classes are nearly full. Our first day of class is September 13th. Sound Beginnings class is for students ages 0-4, with parent, and is a perfect preparation for Let's Play Music. Let's Play Music is for children ages 5-6. Fill out a contact form to register your children and please consider forwarding this blog post to another friend or family who may be interested.

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